This repository has been relaunched, this time in a dual-arch version!

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SCREEHSHOTS: Not for all the GUI packages, but still illustrative for some of those that are less-known:

Other favorite packages include: gnaural (a binaural-beat generator), speedcrunch (my favorite calculator), pychess, krusader 2.4.0, synaptiks 0.7, scid 4.3, etc.

Small tip for krusader: add to Settings -> Configure Krusader -> Dependencies -> kdesu, the path “/usr/lib/kde4/libexec/kdesu” for 32-bit and “/usr/lib64/kde4/libexec/kdesu” for 64-bit.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: By creating this small repository and by using Mageia Linux I do not imply that this distribution is better than others, nor do I offer any guarantees with regards to this repository. This is only a pragmatic decision. Mageia Linux has a good deal of very professional developers and packagers, however a number of them are as narrow-minded as any teenager Linux fanboy, eagerly using terms such as “trolling” and “flamewar”. I am using the result of their work, but from a human standpoint there is no such thing as a mentally-sane Linux developer (not that FreeBSD developers are any better).

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